Remote, sparsely populated and containing diversity from snow-capped peaks to cragged ravines, it’s easy to see the resemblance between Canada and the Scandinavian landscape. Another shared aspect is the mutual appreciation of the Northern Lights, the world’s most impressive light display that spreads its technicolour tendrils over entire Canadian skyscapes.

Where to go?

Tucked away in the country's furthest northern reaches, the Yukon offers some of the grandest expanses of sky to catch a glimpse of the famed aurorae. Follow the trail of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 – when the territory was at its most populous – on our Yukon & Northern Lights journey, and cuddle up in cosy mountain cabins before transferring to the Northern Lights Resort where guests enjoy spas, dogsledding and feasts between lookouts. Watch from a hot tub as the vivid colours play out over your head. For something more accessible, head to Manitoba province on Hudson Bay, where planetarium sessions provide aurora photography tips and tundra buggies take you out into the wilds to spot the lights themselves.

When to go?

In the Yukon, Canada's Northern Lights display can be spotted between late August and early spring, making it one of the longest aurora seasons; in Manitoba the season is only slightly shorter. For prime viewing, be sure to travel in the middle of the season when still nights last longer and there is generally less less cloud cover.


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