In any given year, Finnish Lapland plays host to more than 200 nights of Northern Lights displays, making it one of the best places to go to spot the world’s most arresting natural phenomenon. Lapland is also a veritable wonderland of hikes through evergreen forests and kayaking excursions along rivers and lakes which make a picture-perfect frame for those spectacular auroras.

Where to see the Northern Lights in Finland?

Follow the compass red for the best chances; you’re approximately ten times more likely to spot the lights in the north than in the south. Perhaps head to Harriniva for a stay in a pine-clad wilderness hotel where you’ll learn about the lifestyle of a reindeer herder by day, trying your hand at the Lappish lasso and enjoying a reindeer safari. By night, head out on a snowmobile in search of the Northern Lights. Summit fells for uninterrupted views and clutch warm drinks as the lights play out over the rocky crags and snow-capped pines. Alternatively, get there under you own steam with a snowshoeing expedition after spending the day learning how to mush as you take to the powder on a husky sledding trip.

Northern Lights, Harriniva, Finland
Northern Lights over Harriniva

Finland is also home to some of Scandinavia’s finest accommodation options, with something to suit every taste. If you’re a traditionalist, look to a log cabin, returning from your aurora hunt to a roaring fire and your very own cosy idyll. There are also some particularly enticing luxury options. Otherwise, there’s plenty of the unique. Of course, the Snow Village’s ice hotel is a special standout, while glass igloos and designer treehouses add further intrigue. They offer the chance to watch the Northern Lights erupt from the snug comfort of your bed.

Levin Iglut glass igloss, Finnish Lapland
Levin Iglut glass igloos, Finnish Lapland

If you’d rather move about, a self-drive tour or motorhome hire is an ideal way of seeing the country. There’s even the aptly named Northern Lights Route, which takes wide-eyed spotters through the country’s vast green forests dotted with frozen lakes further afield to Norway’s Arctic destinations. Along the way, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot the dazzling colours of the aurora.

When to see the Northern Lights in Finland?

To make the most of your trip, plan ahead for the best times to visit your choice of accommodation, as hotels are very in demand during the high season. To give you the best chance of spotting the lights, look to the longer nights between September and March, bearing in mind that the winter months – with crisp skies producing less rain and cloud cover – are most popular. However, for some of the best aurora displays, coupled with milder weather and those gorgeous golden hues, look to our collection of autumn holidays.


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