Alternatives to a Scandinavia road trip

In a time of soaring petrol prices and a scarcity of rental cars, this is our look at the best ways to enjoy a Scandinavia holiday without getting behind the wheel of a car.

From iconic Norwegian fjords to the geological wonders of Iceland, Scandinavia has always been something of a hidden gem for a road trip. But, in the current climate, we're often asked for alternative ways to make the most of the region. Fortunately the options are plentiful. Whether it's a cruise along Norway's Arctic coast or a rail tour hopping between Scandinavian cities, it's a chance to enjoy all there is on offer in truly relaxed style. 

Below, you'll find a selection of our favourites. But, if there's something else you have in mind don't hesitate to get in touch. Our experts are always on hand to help you plan.

Norway: A classic fjord adventure

Norway is perhaps Scandinavia's quintessential self-drive destination, its network of well-maintained roads connecting its vibrant cities, charming coastal towns and, of course, those emblematic fjords. Among our favourites is the now-iconic Norway in a Nutshell tour, linking the urban delights of Oslo and Bergen with the spectacular landscapes of Sognefjord. It's all enjoyed via a series of rail, boat and bus journeys, the highlight of which is the famous Flåm Railway, one of the steepest standard-gauge railway lines on Earth.

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Sognefjord, Norway

Norway: Cruising the coast

From dramatic mountain ranges and picturesque islands to colourful cities and far-flung communities high above the Arctic Circle, Norway's coast serves up the full array of Norway's myriad attractions. And, while it's possible to explore it all in bite-sized chunks, perhaps swapping weekends in Bergen for self-drives along the famed Atlantic Road, the only way to experience it in its spectacular entirety is on a coastal cruise.

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Hurtigruten, Norway

Iceland: Natural wonders & the Blue Lagoon

Not all of the Nordic's self-drive alternatives are limited to Norway, of course. Out in the northern Atlantic, Iceland has long grabbed the attention of those looking for some road-trip excitement. But, what if you want to explore its geological wonders without the need for wheels? Well, there are plenty of options here, too. Our pick of the bunch is a summer trip combining a splash of luxury at the iconic Blue Lagoon with the services of your very own SuperJeep driver – the only way to really explore those stunning volcanic landscapes. 

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Skogafoss, Iceland

Finland & Denmark: A city-hopping rail adventure

While Scandinavia's landscapes often grab the headlines, the region's cities also have lots to offer. Combining rich history with plenty of cutting edge, our recommended rail journey says no to the road as you instead take advantage of one of the world's most celebrated public transport systems. Indeed, you'll hop effortlessly between Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Helsinki without a rail-replacement bus service of delay repay form in sight. It's all knitted together with luxury hotel stays and the very best in regional gastronomy.

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Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Sweden: Design icons in the heart of Lapland

From east coast to west, the driving options in Sweden are almost limitless. But, if you want to explore the far reaches of Swedish Lapland, we think you're better off leaving the car at home. Indeed, between private transfers and a journey aboard the Arctic Circle Train, our recommended trip is the ideal way to visit (and stay at) not one but three of the country's most iconic hotels – ICEHOTEL, Treehotel and the Arctic Bath. Mixing Scandi ingenuity with first-class Nordic design, they represent the region at its iconic, bucket-list best. And, at the height of summer, it's all bathed in the ever-present glow of the Midnight Sun.

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Treehotel, Swedish Lapland