August is the most popular summer month to visit Scandinavia. Early booking is a must, but rewards include a chance to take in Nordic cities at their bustling best, experience outdoor activities and enjoy panoramic train journeys through scenic landscapes. With balmy weather across the region, this is also the best time to embark on a voyage along Norway's west coast.

Havila cruise along the coast of Norway

While most of the UK flocks south to the Mediterranean, the more discerning traveller takes advantage of the calmer and more authentic opportunities in the north. Though top experiences such as the Flam railway in Norway will be at their busiest, this is the perfect time to visit more off-the-beaten-track gems. Why not explore wild Dalarna in the heart of Sweden with its immersive nature hikes and interesting history.

Kayaking through the Stockholm archipelago

From kayaking to canoeing to hiking, August is a wonderful month to be out and about in the wonderful nature of Scandinavia; and with the seas lakes and rivers at their warmest, this is a great opportunity to dip in at the end of your adventures.


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