June is an excellent month to visit the Nordics, and marks the beginning of the warm summer weather. Much of the region is bathed in the Midnight Sun, perfect for summer activities late into the night. In the far north the daylight is endless and the landscapes are dominated by beautiful blooming flowers. 

Midnight Sun in Finnish Lapland

With the ice now a distant memory in the likes of Finnish lakeland, June makes an ideal month for kayaking or canoeing through quiet lakes, rivers and archipelagos – prime time to enjoy a quiet cabin escape in the countryside before the onset of the peak summer months. And, with Midsummer taking place at the end of June, the Swedish and Finnish locals like to light bonfires and bathe in saunas in their traditions to celebrate the endless daylight. All of this means an excellent month to explore the beautiful outdoors.

Whale watching, Senja, Norway

Now is the time to explore the region with self-drives and cruises – particularly in the fjords of Norway – as well as enjoying the many natural wonders in the Nordics. In northern Norway, whale watching is popular, and June also marks the start of the prime season to travel to Greenland, with huge icy fjords, calving glaciers and imposing icebergs showcasing this unique island at its most extreme, all playing out under the mystical Midnight Sun.


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