At Best Served Scandinavia, we're cutting our carbon emissions and doing more to protect our environment. To help us achieve this, we've agreed to undertake measures including moving our documentation to a digital form and offsetting carbon from all company travel, including staff research trips to our featured destination. We also encourage our clients to offset their holidays through the schemes detailed below:

Carbon offsetting your holiday

In order for you to be able to carbon offset our full range of luxury holidays, we've chosen three carbon offset schemes that cover travel by plane, train, car and cruise ship. All offer projects that are accredited by the recognised Gold Standard.

Climate Impact Partners

UK-based Climate Impact Partners offers offset calculators for flights and car journeys, as well as for personal energy use at home. Former projects include protecting rainforests in Sierra Leone, providing efficient cooking stoves in Kenya and developing renewable energy sources in China. For more information, visit

Carbon Footprint Ltd

Another UK-based organisation, Carbon Footprint Ltd offers calculators for travel by air, car, motorbike, bus and rail. Projects that you can choose to contribute towards include planting trees in the UK, reforestation in developing countries and community-based projects that provide clean drinking water and efficient cooking stoves around the world. For more information, visit


The Swiss organisation myclimate offers an online calculator for cruise emissions, as well as for flights and car journeys. Past projects include helping small farmers in Nicaragua with reforestation, providing more efficient cooking stoves in Kenya and a range of offset projects in Switzerland. For more information, visit