Northwest Territories, Nunavut & Arctic Canada Holidays

Travel through the scenic Northwest Territories and Nunavut for a sense of how remote and isolated sections of Canada can be.  See itinerary ideas

The Northwest Territories are full of national parks containing canyons, waterfalls and hot springs as well as Arctic wildlife such as caribou and muskoxen. Outdoor enthusiasts should also try trekking, paddling and fishing here. The capital, Yellowknife allows you to experience the frontier lifestyle and learna bout the Dene First Nations tribe who lived here initially. 

Nunavut is the largest province in Canada but can only be reached by air or sea. Come here to explore the islands that make up the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, including Baffin Island, which lies mostly within the Arctic Circle; see the glaciers in Auyuittuq National Park and lookout for polar bears and excellent bird watching opportunities. Ellesmere island is also good for polar bears, as well as seals, narwhal and beluga whales.


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